Dear Sir/ Madam
Greetings from Basil Rajan on behalf of the abandoned special children, who are staying here in our residential special school at Thiurpathisaram.
Sir, Kannyakumari Rural Development society, abbreviated as a KARD is a voluntary organisation working exclusively for the persons with disabilities in kannyakumari District. Having registered under the Tamil Nadu societies Registration Act, KARD has been working with the people of Kannyakumari District for the past twenty five years and have obtained FCRA, 12A and 80G for Tax exemptions. We have been running three special schools and a hostel all for the mentally challenged persons. We have initiated Community Based Rehabilitation program for the disabled in Kannyakumari District.
We have been taking care of 42 abandoned mentally challenged persons, in our School for The Mentally Retarded, which is a residential special school for the abandoned mentally challenged persons, providing food, clothing, medical care, recreation, the needed mobility appliance, etc. We have been getting some assistance only from the good hearted general public. Some of them contribute one meal and some of them donate one day meal (three meal- breakfast, lunch and dinner). The general public help the program by providing used and new dress to the special children. Unlike the normal children the medical expenses for these special children are comparatively more. Also there is a great need for recreational/play things for these children. The approximate expenses for the day to day expense for these special children are given below:

You being a person interested in the rehabilitation of the abandoned special children, you can join with us in our venture of providing rehabilitation services to our unfortunate brothers and sisters and contribute any one or more of the expenses given above. Your donation would facilitate us to achieve this charity to the disabled enjoy your generosity to feel that they are also part of the world and this will be an eternal satisfaction of both benefited and the benefactors.
I assure you on behalf of the staff team and the abandoned special children who are staying here in our Residential Special School, that we will execute the rehabilitation services sincerely as we have been for the past thirty eight years
Looking forward to your comments and generosity.
Thanking you .
Yours sincerely,
Dr. S. Basil RAJAN .